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“Playing Through It”: Delayed Reporting and Removal From Athletic Activity After Concussion Predicts Prolonged Recovery

Breton M. Asken, MS, ATC, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Florida, Gainesville; et. al.
April 1, 2016
#basketball #swimming-diving #lacrosse #voleyball #track-and-field #gymnastics #concussion #football #soccer #reaction-time #cognitive-performance #athletics

Published: Journal of Athletic Training, April 01 2016

Sport-related concussion (SRC) has been increasingly recognized as a significant public health concern over the past decade. Epidemiologic studies of concussion in collegiate athletes describe an increasing rate of diagnosed concussions throughout the past 2 decades. Despite increased awareness, research suggests underreporting of concussion symptoms is still widespread. Prior studies indicate that between 30% and 50% of concussions go unreported by athletes, highlighting the need for improvements in diagnostic sensitivity, especially in the absence of an objective marker of concussion and the current reliance on subjective self-reported symptoms.

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