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Unlock your mind

Unleash your potential

Reach new heights of human endeavor with the world’s first AI-infused, cognitive performance app and Pison-powered wearable devices.

Rooted in universally-accepted science

Our innovative sensor technology converts natural brain signals, discreetly collected at the wrist, to assess cognitive function and monitor your own, unique neurophysiology. Our AI algorithms transform this data into valuable insights and actionable insights, helping you push the boundaries of your potential.

Transform your life performance

Cognitive Assessment

Train and prepare for peak cognitive performance from the playing field to the boardroom.

Physical Fitness

Get all the standard fitness insights including cardiovascular and muscular load, including strain, recovery to baseline, step count, and calories burned.


Uncover sleep pattern insights with unmatched accuracy, to manage your fatigue and optimize cognitive recovery.

Personal Neurophysiology

Gain real-time insights into your body’s unique neurophysiology to help you navigate life's daily stresses, control emotions, and perform at your best.

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Solutions for every walk of life

From athletes and students to working professionals, pilots, and heavy equipment operators, Pison empowers individuals and teams to achieve their goals.

What others are saying

Holy cow, this is a separator. Pison gives me information I've never had before. As a coach, there's nothing better than a device that gives me immediate feedback on players so I can help them be the best they can be. Mark Budzinski, First Base Coach, Toronto Blue Jays
Pison has allowed me to make discoveries about myself as a person and as an athlete that I didn't already know. It helps me operate at my peak functionality. Anthony Alfredo, #5 Chevrolet, NASCAR Xfinity Series
This is amazing. This is absolutely going to change the pickleball industry because now you have data that tells you how focused you are, how disciplined you are, and if you're making smart decisions. Dominique Lemperle, Director of Programming and Instructor Development, The Pickleball Club
Pison's ability to measure cognitive performance will, almost instantly, reduce brain injury from repeated sub-concussive hits to the head, exponentially improving player safety in all contact sports. Max Lane, Former NFL Offensive Lineman, 8-Years, New England Patriots
Pison is a great, great tool that could be a game changer in athletics and general health. I've never seen anything like it. It gives me instantaneous metrics and data so I can identify deficiencies and improve them. Peter Prodanov, Senior Pro Pickleball Player and Former Professional Baseball Player
Pison is revolutionary to the game of baseball - at every level from youth to the major leagues. There is nothing like it that provides instantaneous data and insights on improving the cognitive approach. Marc Deschenes, Principal, Life Skills Baseball Academy and USA Prime Baseball New England
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