Revolutionizing human-machine interface

At Pison, we believe nothing is more natural than a hand gesture. That’s why we’ve pioneered the use of our neural sensor and patented electroneurography (ENG) techniques to create a touchless, gesture-based HMI. With Pison’s gesture control capabilities, users can control electronics with simple, intuitive arm, hand and finger movements. Now any smartwatch or wearable can be infused with the power of ENG-based gestures, giving users virtually unlimited and effortless command of their environments.

Command your devices

Heads-up and hands-free control of mobile devices
Touchless control of smart home electronics
Intuitive control of augmented and virtual experiences
The benefits

A small gesture can change the world

Pison’s gesture control platform enables users to remain heads-up, situationally aware, and socially engaged in any 3D space – real, augmented, or virtual. Consumers will soon have touchless control of their wearables, phones, home entertainment and control systems, and AR/VR systems.

Advantages of Pison GESTURES


Use natural finger gestures like point-to-select, thumbs up, and an open hand for stop or hello. Perfect for controlling smart devices while staying heads-up and hands-free, fully immersed in your surroundings.


Pison taps three nerve bundles that pass through your wrist, translating your brain’s neural signals into commands for mobile apps and smart devices. They’re unaffected by gloves, body motion, bumps, or bounces in vehicles. So, whether you’re driving, jogging, or biking, go ahead and gesture away.


Navigate your favorite mobile apps with familiar gestures like swipe-left/swipe-right, drag-and-drop, and volume sliders. Ditch your phone’s and watch’s touch screens while on the go – one hand is all it takes.


Our gesture AI interprets nerve signals at your wrist before your fingers begin movement, ensuring real-time execution of device commands. You don’t get the frustrating lag associated with tap and double-tap accessibility gestures.

Ready. Set. Control.

We’re looking to partner with leading OEMs that want to take gesture control to the next level—from smartwatch makers and consumer electronics producers to industrial companies. Our technology experts are eager to work with you and your team in helping change the world with a small gesture.

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