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How It Works

The science of electroneurography (ENG)

Pison pioneered ENG to help you harness the power of your mind. ENG uses our revolutionary neural biosensors and artificial intelligence to translate the body’s natural physiological electricity, originating from the brain, into machine-interpretable events in software.

Unlock your mind


Neural Signals

The brain’s motor cortex transmits signals throughout the central nervous system.



Skin surface electrodes at the wrist detect small electrical signals from the brain as they travel through muscles and nerves.


Artificial Intelligence

AI algorithms translate signals from the brain into machine-interpretable events.


Mental Chronometer

Based on universally-accepted science, Pison measures reaction time to gauge mental acuity and executive function.

Seamless detection

Pison neural sensors are completely passive and non-invasive,  providing no stimulus to your body while sitting lightly on the surface of your skin.

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Coming to your favorite devices

Our neural-sensing technology has been miniaturized to fit in any wearable device, so you can soon experience the Pison difference on your favorite brand of smartwatch or fitness tracker.

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Myriad applications

The signals detected by Pison’s neural sensors carry a wealth of medical-grade information on cognitive performance and impairment. Our sensors are enabling thousands of new applications, such as mental chronometry for measuring reaction time, health monitoring and gesture control.

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Backed by scientific research

Pison gives you accurate measurements of important cognitive and neural health parameters, providing the insights to improve your performance on the field or in the office. Our measures are backed by scientific studies by Pison and others.

Pison honors the right to privacy of our users and keeping their data secure. Read more

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