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Pison for Teams

Group-level insights that lead to success

Whether your team is made up of athletes, attorneys, stock traders, or truck drivers, the habits and performance of each member impact the entire organization. Pison data sharing allows individuals to benchmark and hold themselves accountable within private friend groups or public training cadres, and connect to their coaches, teams, scouts, and employers.

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Peak performance means understanding how and when to be ready for the big game, the big meeting, or the big event. Pison provides actionable insights into your own, unique neurophysiological responses to sleep, anxiety, and circadian rhythm.

Enterprise Risk

Monitor your team members' real-time fatigue levels any time, anywhere. Reaching far beyond basic sleep tracking, Pison offers precise neurological condition data, enabling you to track fatigue over time and manage workloads effectively.

Mental Health

Everyone reacts differently to daily stresses. Protect your team's well-being with Pison wearables. When your team is equipped with Pison devices, its members can maintain focus and emotional control, individually and collectively, to stay "in the zone" of optimal mental performance.

Brain Injury

Track your team members’ reaction time as a potential indicator of brain injury from repetitive, sub-concussive hits to the head. Understand when it’s safe to return to the playing field or job site.

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