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Pison for Teams

Group-level insights that lead to success

Whether your teams are made up of athletes or attorneys, stock traders or truck drivers, the habits and performance of each individual affect the organization. With our Pro versions of Pison READY and Pison PERFORM, you’ll better understand whether your people are ready to perform and how to lead them toward better outcomes.

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Determine how well-prepared team members are to execute on the demands of their jobs.


Track your team members’ actual, measured fatigue state. Much more than basic sleep tracking and elementary comparisons with the general population, Pison provides each individual’s actual neurological condition, allowing you to track fatigue accumulated over time and manage their workload.


Track reaction time as a potential indicator of illness or injury, such as concussive trauma. Understand when it’s safe to return to the playing field or job site.


Safeguard the well-being of your people. With a Pison wearable on every wrist, your awareness of potential impairment, such as from head injury, drowsiness, drugs, or alcohol, can help reduce accidents and avoid injuries.

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