Get READY to win

For the first time, athletes have a tool to measure, track, and enhance their mental game performance and readiness. Pison READY allows you to establish baselines and measure improvements using proven cognitive assessment tests that are widely accepted by sports scientists, performance coaches and health experts. Convenient and accurate, READY gives athletes an edge, whether they compete at the youth, high school, college or pro level.

READY features

Cognitive performance measurements

The revolutionary Pison neural sensor reveals your cognitive abilities and cognitive state, such as how quickly you sense and respond to situations. It is the only wearable that measures and improves your mental game.

Pison READY helps you monitor three key cognitive measures:

  • Readiness – Our 20-second reaction time test gives you a current indication of your ability to mentally perform. It can reveal impairment from fatigue, head injury, diet and disease. Watch video.
  • Mental Agility – Our one-minute “go/no-go” reaction test indicates how quickly you process information, make decisions, and react. In competitive sports or high-stress professional scenarios, Mental Agility is crucial to success. Watch video.
  • Focus – Our three-minute psychomotor vigilance test (PVT) is the gold standard for cognitive evaluations, including fatigue testing. PVT is a reliable indicator of your ability to maintain attention. Watch video.

Read more about the importance of reaction time.

The Pison READY advantage

Track your cognitive scores versus personal baselines and community leaderboards to reach greater heights in any sport – baseball, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, pickleball, ice hockey, and more.

Improve your mental sharpness and performance. More about cognitive performance.

  • Hone in-game decision making, such as baseball pitch selection and whether to pass or shoot
  • Accelerate reaction time, to increase play speed
  • Increase focus—maintain attention in long sequences like rallies, volleys, races and other action sequences

Monitor for impairments – Our cognitive measures can reveal impairments including concussion/ head injuries and fatigue from over training.  More about safety from head injuries.

Pison READY improves individual performance. More about our solutions for boosting team performance.

Leaderboard and circadian rhythm

Compare cognitive scores to people you know or the complete Pison READY leaderboard. Use circadian rhythm predictions to adjust timing and intensity of training so you reach peak cognitive performance at game time.


Simple Reaction Time Test

Measures your ability to react—a proven indicator of athletic success or impairment from head injury and lifestyle choices.


Go/No-Go Test

Measures mental agility—the ability to make split-second decisions.


Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT)

The gold standard for cognitive evaluations related to fatigue testing. Measures ability to focus and maintain attention.


Baseline and Trend Reports

Compare current scores to past baselines and results to quantify improvement. Compare capabilities to other Pison READY users.

Choose a plan that works for you


3-Month Membership
  • Includes Pison READY device and 3-month subscription to the Pison READY application
  • Automatically renews at $14.99 per month after the third month
  • $9 shipping not included in the price


Annual Membership
  • Includes Pison READY device and 12-month subscription to the Pison READY application
  • Equivalent to $9.92 per month
  • Automatically renews every year


2-Year Membership
  • Includes Pison READY device and 24-month subscription to the Pison READY application
  • Equivalent to $8.29 per month
  • Automatically renews every two years
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What will I receive with my Pison READY membership? With your Pison READY membership, you receive a Pison READY wearable and access to the Pison READY mobile application.  To use Pison READY you will also need an Android or iOS mobile phone with compatible software (Android 10, iOS 15 or later versions), and an internet connection.
  2. How is Pison READY unique? Pison READY is the only wearable on the market that measures cognitive performance metrics for Readiness, Mental Agility and Focus. These measures, along with circadian rhythm and trend reports, help you optimize training, nutrition, and other factors to improve your mental performance on the field. READY also helps identify signs of impairment to keep you safe from head injuries.
  3. What are the benefits of joining the Pison community? As part of the Pison community, you can compare and evaluate your cognitive capabilities and state with other athletes.
  4. Does READY measure fitness metrics such as heart rate variability? No, those measurements will be available with Pison PERFORM, which will be available in 2024. Register to be alerted when Pison PERFORM is released.
  5. Is Pison READY available in all countries? Pison READY memberships are available in the US and Canada. We plan to make Pison READY available in more countries soon.  Pison READY is currently available in English only.