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Advancing the frontier of human potential

We’re engineers, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and scientists working together to solve the most compelling, real-world problems by harnessing the power of the mind in real-time. Our team is creating revolutionary sensor technology and AI-infused software that will guide users to better health and higher achievement in every domain.

Pison’s medical-grade data yields physiologic insights that will open our understanding of the entire nervous system function on a minute-to-minute basis. The ability to gather such rich information continuously and non-invasively will allow us to not only monitor health but, more importantly, it will allow us to predict the onset of disease.

Dr. William Gormley
Chief Medical Officer, Pison Technology
Director, Neurosurgical Critical Care, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

An unlimited array of life-changing applications

Our vision of tapping into the power of the mind is opening the door to limitless innovation, which will result in thousands of new, life-changing applications.  Our neural sensing products were developed with, and backed by, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense. Today, we’re realizing an ever-expanding spectrum of benefits that are guiding users to new levels of performance and health.

Visionary leadership team

John Croteau

Chief Executive Officer

Dexter Ang

Chairman and Co-Founder

Bill Van Anglen

VP Human Resources

David Cipoletta

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Kumar Ampapathini

Chief Financial Officer

William F. Gormley

Chief Medical Officer

John Joseph

Chief Revenue Officer

Cristiano Cairo

Chief Product Officer

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