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Pison Experience

Understand. Excel.

Get focused. Play smarter. Think clearer. Whatever your challenge, wherever your opportunity, Pison’s neural sensing wearables deliver unprecedented awareness of your mental state. So you can dial in the win—every time. 

How it works

Revolutionary insights drive success

The Pison experience is fueled by actionable, science-based insights from our wrist-worn neural sensor. Our sensor illuminates key performance indicators of your mental state and nervous system—insights accessible for the first time. Pison’s array of neural applications sense and monitor specific vectors of cognitive performance to help you realize your full potential—on the field, in the boardroom and beyond.

Measure your athletic abilities. . .
Mental Agility

When athletes need a mental edge, they turn to Pison READY. Training for competition? Preparing for a big game? Reaching for a new personal best? When you need to rise, be Pison READY.

To react and be sharp
To maintain attention
To make split-second decisions
All the features of Pison READY, plus powerful cognitive metrics. . .

When your workplace performance depends on your mental sharpness, you gain an extra edge with Pison PERFORM on your wrist. PERFORM helps you monitor and improve acuity, fatigue, stress, and overall fitness—elevating you to new levels of success.

Positive or negative emotions
Quality, amount and type
Mental energy level
Command your devices. . .

Smartwatches featuring Pison neural sensors and gesture control capabilities allow you to command your mobile, smart home, AR, and VR devices using hand gestures that you’ve used since childhood.

Simple finger or hand gestures
Unaffected by body or vehicle motion
Common swipe and drag movements
Smartwatches with Pison GESTURES >>>
Coming soon to the smartwatch brands you know!

OEM and development partners: Contact us for partnership opportunities for our touchless gesture control.

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