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When your workplace performance depends on mental sharpness, you get an extra edge with Pison PERFORM on your wrist. You’ll gain deeper insights into your own cognitive abilities so you can be at your peak while managing stress and fatigue. Avoid burnout and sharpen your edge with specific mental training protocols. Elevate your career to new levels of success.

PERFORM features

Fatigue management

Pison PERFORM combines bodily readings on stress, sleep quality, and cognition to help you understand your mental energy level and avoid chronic fatigue and burnout. Receive notifications when breaks, naps, or days off are needed to recharge your mental ‘fuel gauge.’




Get insights into the actual activity of the mind and neurological system during sleep. Pison PERFORM provides more accurate reporting on sleep time and stages than conventional wearables. For the first time, you’ll have actionable insights into brain activity and factors that interrupt sleep.


Get a direct physiological score of your stress level and how it varies over time.

Cognitive performance measurements

Convenient, accurate cognitive scores for readiness, focus, and mental agility help you keep your head in the game. Pison PERFORM includes reaction time, psychomotor vigilance (PVT), and go/no-go tests.

History and notifications

Tracking cognitive scores versus personal baselines helps you optimize training. Better assess and manage impairment due to poor sleep, lifestyle choices, or injury caused by concussion or sub-concussive impacts to your head.

Leaderboard and circadian rhythm

Compare cognitive scores to people you know or the complete Pison PERFORM leaderboard. Use circadian rhythm predictions to adjust timing and intensity of training, so you can reach peak cognitive performance at game time.


Cognitive Tests and Scores

Pison's unique neural sensor enables reaction time, go/no-go, and psychomotor vigilance tests that provide scientifically-accepted methods of measuring readiness, focus and mental agility.


Stress Score

Direct, on-body measurement of the neurological system give insights into stress level.


Baseline and Trend Reports

Compare current scores to past baselines and results to quantify improvement. Compare capabilities to other Pison users.

Choose a plan that works for you


3-Month Membership
  • Includes Pison PERFORM device and 3-month subscription to the Pison PERFORM application
  • Automatically renews at $29.99 per month after the third month


Annual Membership
  • Includes Pison PERFORM device and 12-month subscription to the Pison PERFORM application
  • Equivalent to $19.92 per month
  • Automatically renews


2-Year Membership
  • Includes Pison PERFORM device and 24-month subscription to the Pison PERFORM application
  • Equivalent to $16.63 per month
  • Automatically renews
Availability and Terms
  1. Use of Pison READY requires a Pison READY wearable, an active subscription to the Pison READY application, a compatible Android or iOS device (see pison.com/devices for specifications), and internet connection.
  2. Pison READY is not available in all countries and is currently available in English only.

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