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A call for partnership

Pison’s neural sensor is a major technological breakthrough, making it possible to harness the power of the mind in a new generation of life-changing applications. We’re currently working with innovative leaders in digital health, clinical research, human performance, sports medicine, cognitive performance and neuroscience.

This expert team is generating new insights into neural health and wellness with a vast, new class of wearables and applications. If you want to help advance the frontier of human potential, we want to talk with you.

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Helping users reach new heights in mental and physical performance

We’re looking for partners to leverage our patented, non-invasive ENG technology to help users gain access to better health and higher achievement in every domain. Our expert team is ready to collaborate with you on your next innovation as we work together push the boundaries of what’s possible.

App developers

Use our neural sensor data and measurements, such as reaction time, to create new users experiences and game-changing applications. 

Wearable manufacturers

Build new devices for digital health and human performance, or integrate Pison chip-based sensors into your existing devices to add myriad differentiating features and functions. 

Resellers and influencers

Help spread the word about the new opportunities to improve cognitive performance and health by applying Pison neural technology to create value across industries and use cases.

Clinical researchers

Use Pison’s non-invasive, digital health wearables to more easily collect neural data, including surface EMG measurements, in clinical or remote settings to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of neurological disorders.

Drug manufacturers and contract research organizations

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of clinical trials by using Pison’s digital health wearables to remotely, and even continuously, monitor patients.

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